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Myles Energy, Inc. is a company formed for the purpose of bringing a revolutionary energy saving and food preservation system to the market known as the E-Tubes System. We have harnessed a scientifically proven heat exchange technology for use with commercial refrigeration systems. The system is simple yet very powerful in creating a environment in walk-in coolers and freezers that significantly cuts electrical costs and helps preserve food by maintaining very consistent lower temperatures and removing humidity from the air.

Myles Energy, Inc. is a green energy company. Our mission is to provide this cost effective system to help reduce the consumption of electrical energy and the carbon footprint for restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, commercial food storage and food processors, and other establishments that have walk-in coolers and freezers.

Myles Energy, Inc. is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of E-Tubes. We manufacturer, sell, and install the E-Tubes System. Our pricing is therefore direct and very cost effective.

We provide leasing of the equipment to you from 24 to 60 months with a $1.00 end of lease buy out. Your savings will be more than your monthly lease payment every month from the very first month. The E-Tubes System is so effective you’ll have no ongoing out-of-pocket costs, and the bottom line is more money for your business to help increase profitability. If you elect to purchase the system for cash you can expect a ROI in as little as 8 to 12 months. That’s how efficient and cost effective the E-Tubes System is.

We know how important it is to control costs to maintain profitability in the food and beverage industry. We offer a simple yet powerful solution to help you reduce costs and preserve food more effectively. The benefits are both energy and food cost savings and increased compliance with your local Board of Health or food regulatory agency.

Key Features

Up to 25% Reduction in Total Energy Bill
End of Lease Buyout
Humidity & Moisture Reduction Inside Freezer Installations

Our Team

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Art HermanPresident
David Miles
David MilesVice President, Sales
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Isaac RootVice President, Marketing

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