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Blast Cells

Blast Cell operators can realize major benefits form the E-Tube System. Products ranging from fruit to meat and poultry can be brought to temperature approximately 3 times faster using ½ the energy. The two major benefits are through-put and energy savings. These benefits apply to blast cells as well as IQF units.

Blast Cell Performance

Pre-Tubes Post-Tubes
Blast Cells Air Temperature -28 to -34F -34 to -41F
Blast Cells Chicken Blast Time 72 to 96 hrs 26 to 36 hrs
Blast Cells Pork Qtrs. Blast Time 96 to 115 hrs 38 to 48 hrs
Blast Cells Chicken – Load Size 62,000 lbs
(42 Pallets)
88,000 lbs
(56 Pallets)
Blast Cells Pork – Load Size 62,000 lbs
(42 Pallets)
88,000 lbs
(56 Pallets)

Pre-Tubes: 30-Ton Evaporator Blast Cells – 1.5 Turns/wk. @ 62,000 lbs. product load, per
Post-Tubes: 30-Ton Evaporator Blast Cells-3.0 Turns/wk.@ 88,000 lbs. product load, per cell

All data was observed and documented by facility management

What did the manager of a Virginia-based cold storage operation say……..

“It costs $ 13.00 per hour in electricity to run one of his blast cells.
“It used to take 80 hours to freeze 80,000 pounds of chicken. With the tubes installed,
it now only takes 40 hours to do the same thing. That means we are saving $ 520.00
every time they freeze a load of chicken.”

“Each of our blast cells has 1,000 feet of tubing. Each blast cell has the potential of doing 180 loads a year at capacity.

This savings translates to $520.00 x 180 = $93,600.”

E-Tubes Results

  1. As demonstrated above, the increased product throughput capacity for all blast cells will dramatically
    Increase your bottom line benefits
  2. Blast Cell Production Capacity increased up to 284%
  3. Reduced Vacuum settings and reduced loads on compressors and
    all freezing equipment
  4. Increased Product load capacity from 62,000 lbs. to 88,000 lbs. per blast cell
  5. Decreased freezing times for all blast cells

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