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Convenience Stores

Here are the results of an E-Tubes System installation in a typical convenience store:

Installation:          Installed 200 linear feet of E Tubes in primary Beverage Cooler.

Dimensions of Cooler:              56’ L x 14’ W x 8’ H.

Heat Intrusion Challenges:       Twenty (20) glass doors, and deliveries of 100+ cases of room-temperature beer several times per week.

Pre-Tubes Post-Tubes
Cooler Compressor Run Times: 23 hrs./day

8 to 9 hrs./day

Product Temperatures: 33.60 F average

29.68 F average

Product Achievements:

  1. Eliminated the need for one of 3 compressors; now using 2 compressors rather than 3.

  2. #1 compressor run time reduced by 44%

  3. # 2 compressor run time reduced by 69%

  4. # 3 compressor run time reduced by 100%

  5. Reduced the Average Product Temperature by 3.92 Degrees F.

  6. Reduced Humidity in Cooler. Cooling Equipment Runs More Efficiently.

Our Installation Procedure

  • Coordinate with remodels where possible

  • Minimize disruption to store operations

  • Maximize installation efficiency

  • Use licensed installation professionals

  • Provide warranty and rapid support

  • Customize installations based on store format

  • Provide pre-installation and post-installation data analysis

  • Coordinate with government agencies and utilities to procure energy rebates

Benefits to your Stores

  • Profit Margin Increase
  • Immediate Energy Savings
  • Swift ROI
  • Limit Exposure to Energy/Water Price Volatility
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Compliance with Internal & External Initiatives
  • Public Relations/Brand Management
  • Improved Reputation and Leadership

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