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Why Invest in Energy Efficiency?

Full Service and Fast Food Restaurants can take advantage of the E-Tube System savings. The E-Tubes are placed in the the restaurant’s walk-in cooler/ freezers. Compressors and HVAC units are made more efficient by the use of the Smart Boxes and Smart Cards. These components are attached to the units and are responsible for cutting electricity costs by ~ 15% to 25%.

0 Year
Warranty on E-Tubes
Upfront Cost
Zero Maintenence
Tax Deductible

Our Installation Procedure

  • Coordinate with remodels where possible

  • Minimize disruption to store operations

  • Maximize installation efficiency

  • Use licensed installation professionals

  • Provide warranty and rapid support

  • Customize installations based on store format

  • Provide pre-installation and post-installation data analysis

  • Coordinate with government agencies and utilities to procure energy rebates

Benefits to your Restaurants

  • Profit Margin Increase
  • Immediate Energy Savings
  • Swift ROI
  • Limit Exposure to Energy/Water Price Volatility
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Compliance with Internal & External Initiatives
  • Public Relations/Brand Management
  • Improved Reputation and Leadership

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