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Understanding E-Tubes System Savings

Acting together, the components of the system generate a consistent 17.3% cost savings. 8% comes from efficiencies in refrigeration. 9.3% comes from air handling improvements (HVAC). This is conservative range.  (8%+ 9.3% = 17.3%).

However, in some cases, our system generates up to a 25% savings. For purposes of this discussion, we have selected a conservative value (17.3%) to present a strong savings case even at the lower end of the range.

Two Major Cost Components

The easiest way to understand the system is to reference the two major cost components of your electric bill: (1) Refrigeration for your walk-ins, and (2) Air Handling via your HVAC units (Space Heating, Ventilation, Cooling).

From the chart below, Refrigeration (right side) makes up an average of 32% of the restaurant electric bill. Air handling (lower left quadrant) makes up about 31% of the total. In our conservative example, 8% of the total savings is realized from refrigeration (i.e. E-tubes) and 9.3% is saved via HVAC efficiencies (Smart Boxes and Smart Cards).

Next Steps:

  1. Your walk-in cooler and freezer are measured to determine exact amount of E Tubes needed to be installed.
  2. The location and size of your HVAC Roof Top Units will be determined
  3. Monthly electric statements are reviewed (12 months)
  4. Myles Energy will prepare a Statement of Estimated Potential Savings based on your site survey
  5. E-Tubes Systems Proposal will be provided (purchase price & lease options)
  6. No-Money-Down leases (24 to 60 months) are available with $ 1.00 end of lease buy out
  7. Client submit lease application according to preferred terms and lease period
  8. Schedule E-Tubes System Installation

No Money Down Lease

To conserve cash and respect cash flow, Myles Energy offers a no-money-down lease.

Attractive lease terms are structured so you pay for your investment out of savings—always with money left over. Ask about our “Satisfaction Guaranty.”

While leasing, you will be reimbursed by the company at end of lease if your lease exceeds your savings!

U.S. Energy Information Administration Chart

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration refrigeration in restaurants makes up almost one third of the electrical consumption, about 32%. Other electrical percentages are also reflected.

The chart is provided to emphasize the importance of attacking the high-demand cost components in your operation. Refrigeration and HVAC costs are the targets of the E-Tubes System. Together, they represent 32% and 31% of your total monthly costs.

Refrigeration makes up one-third of total electricity
consumption in restaurants.

Zero Money Down Lease
End of Lease Buyout
Tax Deductible
0 Year
Zero Maintenence

The E-Tubes System:

  • Tax deductible

  • Capital improvement for your business

  • Pays for itself!

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