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Our Happy Customers

“This is a short note to update you on the installation at our Food Brokerage of the E Tube Technology in our freezer and cooler.
Sometime on a Friday, one of our staff members turned off our freezer at the junction box so they could pull product for an upcoming event. This was the beginning of a holiday weekend. When we retuned on Tuesday, we discovered that our freezer had been off for over three days. This freezer contained a significant amount of breaded products, cookie dough, and ice cream.
To our surprise, the entire product was still fully frozen. We lost nothing over the period of time the unit was off.
This can only be accredited to the technology in the E Tubes as the freezer walls are over twenty years old.
From the initial installation, we were able to document a savings on our power bill of over twenty five percent (25%). This new benefit has saved our manufacturers literally thousands of dollars in potentially lost product and enabled us to continue our business without interruption. As the E Tubes were installed in our facility over a year ago, we have seen a dramatic change in our cooler and freezer. Needed repairs have also dropped significantly!
In closing, thank you for your technology and its positive impact on our business.”

Owner, Food Brokerage Co. Orlando, Florida

“We have been using the E Tubes for over two years with amazing results. The biggest thing besides saving a significant amount on our electric bill is the constant temperature that we see in the cooler. It’s a real headache remover when it comes to inspections by the Board of Health, they are so used to seeing us in compliance, they never bother us anymore.”
Manager, Fast Food Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

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